PowerMate® and Professionalism

Your PowerMate® contributes to professional image and demonstrates to your customers your commitment to service.

  • Provide your customers with value-added delivery services at little to no cost.
  • Ability to deal efficiently with peak-seasonal demand periods.
  • "Best in Class" tool adds to “Red Carpet” image.
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors.

    PowerMate L1 Unloading cast iron tubPowerMate moving drain cleaner

    Don't risk a back injury with loads like these; invest in a PowerMate® and save your back.

    PowerMate® Quality

    "PowerMate® frames are constructed from either aluminum extrusions or steel. On our L-Series aluminum models there are zero welds, making them the strongest and longest lasting frames in the industry."

    Contact PowerMate®

    Call a PowerMate® Solution Specialist today and let us help you find the ideal Safety Moving Solution for your business. Call Toll Free at:


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