LiftGate, the world's first Interior Tailgate lift.

The PowerMate® LG-3 and LG-6 are the perfect compliments to our stair climbing hand trucks or as a standalone lift for your vehicle. Ideal for moving loads up to 500lbs on and off vehicles including; cube trucks and full-sized vans and sprinters.

  • Works from the vehicles electrical system.
  • Articulated arm movement, position loads inside the vehicle, over the vehicle bumper and curbs.
  • Installed 100% inside the vehicle - out of the weather.
  • Minimal space required : 1.5 sq. ft. footprint.
  • Vehicle gross weight reduction versus, much heavier fold down exterior lifts.
  • Regular tailgate lifts cost $3.5K to $7.5K, the PowerMate® LiftGates will save you more than 50%.
  • Position the LiftGate away from traffic and increase operator safety!
  • Decreases the size of parking space required - great for urban areas!
  • Installation options: right and left side rear door, side door install.

    Regular tailgate lifts cost $3,500 to $7,500. The PowerMate® LiftGates will save you more than 50%.

    PowerMate LiftGatePowerMate LiftGate moving AC unit

    The LiftGate LG-3 fits in full size vans and has a vertical lift of 28". The LG-6 fits in cube vans, Sprinter vans and has a vertical lift of 40". Both units have lifting capacity of either 250 or 500 lbs., are slim in profile, and tuck away inside the vehicle when not in use.

    Rad on LGfurnace on LiftGate


    LiftGate Installation

    "Upon request PowerMate® will arrange for your LiftGate
    installation locally!"

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    LiftGate and rad

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