PowerMate® Advantage for the HVAC-R Industry

Avoid Cost, Minimize Risk, and Maximize Profits!

  • Heavy loads can be moved with half the manpower.
  • Makes moving loads safer and easier.
  • Increase employee productivity, satisfaction and morale.
  • Increase employee retention - keep and attract valuable long term employees.
  • Provide the opportunity to hire installers regardless of age, physical size or gender.
  • Get employees on modified duties back to work and productive.
  • Send the message to your customers: “We care about our people, your product and you - our valued customer.”
  • May eliminate the need for a tailgate lift - avoid $3,500-$7,500 in additional cost.
  • Grow your business through repeat and referral customers.
  • Provide more competitive pricing to your customers while increasing your margins!
  • Four machines in one: a powered stair climber; a powered tailgate lift; a loading dock/curb leveller and a well-balanced dolly.
  • Loading a FurnacePowerMate and large drain cleaner

    PowerMates are the ideal moving solution for drain cleaners, hot water tanks, AC units, boilers, furnaces and geothermal units. Order your today! 1-800-697-6283

    Value Added Reporting

    "At PowerMate® our account management software not only tracks the machine but the operator too! This gives us the ability to provide you with value-added reporting."

    Contact PowerMate®

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