PowerMate® and the Integrity of Your Customer's Product

Your PowerMate® will ensure your customer's product arrives undamaged.

  • Avoid the risk of claims resulting from damaged product.
  • Have complete control of the load at all times.
  • Secure the load in place with heavy duty reinforced straps & adjustable strap bars.
  • Protect homes with non-marking wheels and full length bottom rubber guard.
  • Be in control with a well-balanced dolly at all times.
  • Designed not to come into contact with the nose of the stairs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and referral business.
  • PowerMate moves HWTPowermate moves AC unit

    Large or awkward loads are no problem for a PowerMate®! Look at that lift!

    PowerMate® Control

    "The independed Stuart Ergonomic Study states that the PowerMate® requirs 87% less effort from the operator than a conventional hand truck. Your installers are less likely to become fatigued and make mistakes, reducing the risk to product and property. With a PowerMate® your loads will always be in control."

    Contact PowerMate®

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