Choosing Your PowerMate®

Which PowerMate® Stair Climber is right for you?

Matching the right PowerMate® to what you are moving is critical.  Our Solution Specialists are knowledgeable about your industry and are standing by to help you, Monday  - Thursday 8:00 am  - 5:30 pm EST and Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. Some things to consider when planning to purchase a PowerMate® Stair Climber or LiftGate:

  • Weight of the load;
  • Height of the load;
  • Weight distribution e.g. center of gravity;
  • Frequency of moves
  • Move requirements (stairs, grass, sand, rough ground, tight landings, loading docks, etc.)

What makes us unique?

When you purchase a PowerMate® you are dealing directly with the manufacturer - no middle man. You get the best price anywhere. As a manufacturer, we can provide opportunity for customization if required. PowerMate® provides the lowest total cost of ownership, the highest quality product and our ongoing Customer Care Program, to name a few...

Speak to a PowerMate® Solution Specialist today to ensure you get the best safety moving solution for your business. Call 1-800-697-6283 toll free.

PowerMate® Stairclimbers are four machines in one:

  • A well-balanced dolly able to remain in a balanced position even while on stairs, safely.
  • A stair climbing hand truck able to move heavy loads without risk to the operator, the product or surrounding property.
  • A loading dock/curb leveler.
  • A tailgate lift machine.