PowerMate® LE-1 Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck

The PowerMate® LE-1 Features our Unique Dual Drive Screw Technology.

The PowerMate® LE-1 is perfect for moving residential hot water tanks, furnaces, geothermal units, pumps, small boilers, generators, radiators, drain cleaning equipment, motors, compressors, and 13+ SEER rated A/C units on and off vehicles, over thresholds and up and down stairs.

Dual drive screws allow for perfectly balanced loads and effortless deliveries; most with just one person! Unique design created for low center of gravity loads, with a vertical lift capability of 40" (stacking) - Perfect for pedestals and wall mounted AC Units.

More features of the PowerMate® LE-1 include:

  • Extruded aluminum construction for greater durability and strength.
  • Hardened steel drive screw for strength and durability.
  • Integrated load locking safety feature in the ball nut provides additional drive system security.
  • Two switch operation with right side over-ride for greater safety.
  • 3 point break-back system for full control.
  • Solid State controls result in increased battery life and lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Double drive screw design turns a two person job into a one person job when moving bottom heavy loads.
  • Front loading lift is ideal for placing product on raised surfaces.
  • The LE-1 allows the operator to slide the load up and down the frame while on stairs resulting in perfect neutral balance.
LE-1's come complete with hand operated wheel brakes, two strap bars, battery pack and dual drive screw stacker unit.
The PowerMate® exclusive long-life battery is designed to be kept fully charged while not in use. This prolongs the life of the battery and ensure your PowerMate® is always 'hot' and ready to go!