Playing It Safe with PowerMate

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Apr 02, 2013

It seems that everyone’s talking about safety these days, and recent events in the news – from gun violence to the struggling economy – have a lot of people concerned and playing it safe in their homes and businesses. More and more people are storing their valuables and guns in heavy-duty safes. If you’re in the moving or locksmith industries, or if you’re retailing safes, you know how heavy these safes can be to move and deliver!powermate M2B Safe Tailgate B resized 600

That’s where PowerMate can help you do your job: Our stair-climbing hand trucks can help you efficiently and safely move security safes and other heavy loads, including:

  • Floor safes
  • Gun storage safes
  • Automatic teller machines (ATMs)
  • Fireproof filing cabinets (up to the size of large vending machines)
Each of the items listed above can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. That’s a heavy load to handle and move, but you can easily do your job with a PowerMate. Plus, the PowerMate will cut your labor costs in half! When are we the solution?
  • If you’re in the Lock & Safe Business and looking for a way to grow your business and take the awkwardness out of moving safes - PowerMate is the solution!
  • If you’re a Moving Company that is looking to grow their business and take on contracts involving moving the above some or all of the above listed specialty products - PowerMate is the solution!
  • If you’re a Rental Company looking for new rental tool that will help you grow your business and differentiate yourself from other Rental Stores in your area - PowerMate is the solution!
Our PowerMate M1 and PowerMate M2B stair climbing hand trucks carry the weight of heavy loads on their outer frames and were designed for safely moving safes and vending machines. The PowerMate M1 and M2B (for taller loads) feature wheel brakes, side handles, hook boxes, and they also include a solid state controller, something you’re not going to find anywhere else. These PowerMates do 100% of the lifting for you to keep you safe and protect you from injury.

powermate M Lynn with safe 2 on background resized 600When moving a safe, no matter what its application or size, ensure that you and your workers are kept safe! Remember to work smart, not hard, with PowerMate!Take me to Lock & Safe Industry Segment pages

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