A Customer's Stairclimber Experience - Versatech Testimonial

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Dec 16, 2014

September 22, 2014

Dear John,

With the purchase of the model M-2B PowerMate®, it greatly improved our productivity. I have done approximately 100 boiler moves in 18 months since purchasing the PowerMate® and have been able to use less “man-force” on each job. It has been trouble free with virtually daily use. It paid for itself in the first few jobs we used it. I requested this particular piece of equipment and therefore I usually keep it at home because I do not want to be without it! Versatech Logo

We appreciate your great service and quick response time to our questions.

Both you and your Team at L P International Inc. have been a pleasure to work with.

Hoping to do more purchasing from you soon.


Joshua Skara, Foreman

Versatech Mechanical LTD.
50 Skagway Avenue,
Toronto, ON M1M 3V1


Versatech using PowerMate M-2B






(from their website)

"Versatech Mechanical Limited was founded by Peter Soknacki in 1986. Since then,
Peter has worked to expand Versatech into a complete HVAC installation and
service provider with a team of approximately 40 employees. They are constantly
striving to improve our efficiency for the mutual benefit of their clients and ourselves.
Versatech’s team is dedicated to professionalism and customer service. Management
Recognizes human knowledge base is our greatest asset. We have a high-involvement
workplace environment which allows trust and teamwork to flourish. This has allowed
Versatech to develop long-standing employee-employer relationships and avoid the
transient nature so commonly associated with construction and mechanical contractors.
This means that the same people in your building today will likely be the same ones in five
and even ten years from now.
Most of our field staff is paired in teams and each unit is equipped with the tooling and
vehicles that allow our projects to run independently. In total we have over 25 service
and contracting vehicles covering the greater Toronto area."