PowerMate TailGate Lift

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Fri, Apr 09, 2010

L P International Inc., the manufacturer of the successful PowerMate motorized hand truck line has developed a new safety lifting device developed specifically for installation in vans.  The new device, called the PowerMate LiftGate, is mounted inside your delivery van and is ideal for moving drain cleaners, compressed gas cylinders, hot water tanks, furnaces and other HVAC products on and off your vehicle.

The target market for the LiftGate include HVAC, home medical, universities and schools, public works and the power utility market to name just a few. The company has developed four models of the LiftGate that are available with right or left hand mounting configuration with the option of a rear or side door mount. The LG3's are designed for contractor vans while the LG6's are designed for cube vans. 

The LiftGates have a swing arm that can bring the load out from the truck bed before lowering it to the curb. Unlike a TailGate lift, the load on a LiftGate is secured, so the risk of the load shifting or falling is eliminated. The LG3 has a lifting height of 28" and can be ordered with a 250 or 500 lb. lifting capacity, while the LG6 has a 40" lift and is also available in the two weight capacities of 250 or 500 lbs. The LiftGates are made from heavy duty steel and aluminum and require minimum space inside the vehicle at just 1.5 sq. ft. The LigtGates operate from the vehicle's 12 volt electrical system.

The LiftGate is clearly a unique entry into the material handling arena due to its lower cost, small footprint and flexible mounting configuration. Considering the high cost of a tailgate lift (upwards of seven thousand dollars) the LiftGates offer a considerable savings to anyone with van fleets moving product in the LiftGate's weight range.

For more details on the LiftGate including technical specifications and pricing, contact PowerMate at 1-800-697-6283 or visit the PowerMate website at www.powermate.info


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