PowerMate L-1 Series Appliance Dolly

Posted by Contributing Editor on Wed, Oct 10, 2012

PowerMate L-1  

The battery operated PowerMate L-1series appliance dolly makes moving heavy loads into light work. While it looks like a regular heavy-duty hand truck, this unit has a 12 volt electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. This lets it climb stairs and lift loads with no effort on the part of the operator. 

Imagine taking a 500 pound load to the top of a 20 story building and back down to the bottom. Now imagine you did this with the dolly doing all of the lifting and balancing by itself leaving you just to climb the stairs. Imagine being able to let the dolly go to open a door, and not having it slide down the stairs. Not only can the PowerMate do all of these things for you, but it can do it on a single charge. If you do not need to go quite as far, the dolly can also handle as much as 650 pounds if it is being handled by two operators.


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More than just climbing stairs, this power assisted appliance dolly makes many of your hardest tasks easier. It can lift loads as high as 40 inches, making it easy to get heavy appliances and boxes in and out of truck tailgates. WIth its adjustable strap bar and heavy duty straps, it can also keep whatever it is carrying safe and stable. Its unique wheel design makes it easier to handle in tight stairwells while the available PivotPad lets it literally turn around in place.

  Appliance Industry Applications

The PowerMate L-1Series appliance dolly changes the equation for businesses that frequently move large loads. Its powered stair climbing ability not only reduces the risk of injury, but also allows different types of people to move heavy items, letting you better deploy your staff where you need them, including people transitioning back into work from injuries. If this is not a strong enough argument, consider this: this dolly can pay for itself by letting your employees work more quickly and more safely. 

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