New PowerMate Manuals: For your Stair Climber Hand Truck Needs

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Oct 22, 2012

How can we make our products easier to use and our services more accessible for our clients? Customers and potential customers alike have often posed questions on how our equipment works, how to properly maintain the equipment, and how to get copies of the product manuals. These frequent inquiries resulted in us thinking about how we could further make our company—and our products—more customer friendly. What was the result? Electronic product manuals, available on our website, which are continuously updated, so that our customers have the most current and accurate product information.

The product manuals allow for customers to access a plethora of information about our PowerMate products. Although you will find all of the technical information concerning the equipment, the manuals also include any additional information concerning the ownership and servicing of the equipment, including:

  • Schematic drawings and part numbers.
  • Overview of equipment maintenance.
  • Machine safety and proper usage of equipment.
  • Warranty information.

Making these product manuals available electronically, we have seen a variety of positive benefits for our company and our customers. First, it allows potential customers to understand the scope of our company and gives our current clients 24/7 access to our product information. We offer best-in-class service and partnership with our clients, and we work to achieve high quality and effectiveness. Additionally, by providing the manuals, our customers can work more effectively with our factory-authorized service and support personnel in diagnosing any concerns and providing the correct remedy, the first time, at both the least cost and inconvenience. That’s just one example how PowerMate® goes the extra mile and delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.

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What products are lucky enough to have these available manuals? All of our PowerMate safety lifting equipment, including: L-Series, LE-Series, LG-Series, LT-Series, M-Series, and PG-Series. Potential customers? Take a look at these eco-friendly manuals for a better understanding of our products. Current PowerMate users? Enhance your PowerMate® experience!

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