SAFETY Part 1 of 5 - Independent Ergonomic Report on PowerMate®

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Jul 08, 2013

The PowerMate® Ergonomic Advantage (Excerpts from the Stuart Report):                                                                                                           

“Industry estimates suggest that 75%, or more, of workplace injuries are back related. The medical bills and loss time from work costs U.S. industries $20 billion annually. Investing in ways to mitigate these costs and reduce absenteeism is more than an ideal, it’s an economic necessity!

The world’s leading manufacturers recognize the economic benefits to be realized in sustaining a healthy workforce and therefore commit substantial resources into ergonomics. Consequently, the emphasis on ergonomics has become a paramount concern for every company worldwide.

Most responsible multi-national companies have been at the forefront of understanding and implementing proactive plans in establishing a safe work environment and providing worker friendly tools. PowerMate® is one such tool. More important than it’s labor saving capabilities, the PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck is designed and built to minimize stresses on the human body from lifting and carrying”.

The Findings Are REMARKABLE!

“Using a PowerMate®, the compressive forces are at least half that of using a conventional hand-truck. The real safety benefit is in the reduction of shear forces. Shear forces are almost ten times greater when using a conventional hand-truck compared to doing the same movement using a PowerMate®.” – p.15

“One advantage that the PowerMate® has over conventional methods is the ease with which a load can be manipulated. The PowerMate® maintains the balance of the load freeing the operator to concentrate on proper operation and safe delivery of product.” – p.10

“The PowerMate® line of hand trucks is a much safer alternative to conventional

hand-trucks, and dead-lifts. The risk of injury is greatly reduced when properly operated. Shear forces, which have been indicated to be particularly damaging to the spine are reduced by at least ten times. Using conventional methods will subject the body to very damaging forces which exceed N.I.O.S.H. limits by almost two times.  It is these reduction in forces which allow the operator to expend less energy to perform their task, and with a greatly reduced risk of fatigue.” – p. 18

Operating a PowerMate® typically requires 87% less effort for the operator as compared to a conventional hand truck!

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