SAFETY Part 3 of 5 – Changing Attitudes Towards Safety in the Workplace

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Jul 22, 2013

Over the past ten years, we have observed a steady rise in the emphasis placed on Safety in the workplace throughout North America.

PowerMate® began in selling its products in Europe in the early 1980's. The introduction of the 45 pound maximum manual lifting regulations in many European Countries created demand for PowerMate® products in Europe overnight. Today, many speculate that is only a matter of time before similar legislation is passed in North America. 

As a result of the 45 pound lifting law, PowerMate® stair climbers shipped to Europe conform to the more “rigorous” CE Specifications. We make these CE Specifications models available for sales to our North American Customers - as an option.

Increasingly, Companies in North America are recognizing the value of their people to their organizations and the resulting impact of costs from lost time injuries to their bottom line.

More and more Companies are including Health, Safety and Wellness in their Corporate objectives, mission statements and Managerial incentive structures. Safety is a Priority.

Today, many of our customers regard PowerMate® as a piece of “Personal Protective Equipment” (P.P.E.) not unlike, steel toe boots, safety glasses, or gloves! They tell us from an employee perspective; it is a “Quality of Life” issue for their people in higher risk positions. For example, an employee who sustains a back injury may not be able to pursue their recreational activities of choice, play the same way with their children, or may have to alter their future career path, as a result of a potentially preventable injury.

Our customers cite many other safety benefits of implementing PowerMate® solutions beyond protecting employees’ backs. Many companies have not only sees  a reduction in back related lifting injuries but also see significant reductions in other injuries like; toes, fingers, leg, arm, cuts, even less employee fatigue, absenteeism  and even a reduction on driving related accidents!

Customer’s purchase PowerMate® for a myriad of reasons; to meet their corporate safety objectives; for labor savings; to reduce Workers’ Compensation or WSIB premiums; to get people on modified duties back to work and productive or for small business owners, “insurance” against a potential injury that would result in their having no income, just to name a few.

Regardless of the size of Company, industry or application, two motivating factors are common among all PowerMate® customers:



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To learn how implementing a PowerMate® Safety Program can make your Company both Safer and more Profitable! Visit SAFETY and PROFITS!

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