SAFETY Part 4 of 5 – SAFETY Does Deliver a Return on Investment

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Jul 29, 2013

The following are excerpts from the findings of the ongoing Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Study to date:

 “Many of the injuries in the “construction sector” are musculoskeletal disorders caused by cumulative trauma. We call these injuries that result from cumulative wear and tear cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs).”

 After an average follow-up period of 398 days, three companies that implemented powered dollies achieved the following results:

The CTD incident rate (incidents per 200,000 hours) changed from 14.9 to 0 –

a 100% improvement;

The Return On Investment (R.O.I.) is .18 years, or 2.2 months;

The days lost due to CTDs dropped from 29.8 days per 200,000 hours worked to 0 - a 100% improvement;

The restricted days due to CTDs improved from 19.8 days per 200,000 hours worked to 0 - a 100% improvement;

The turnover rate (per 200,000 hours worked) changed from 79.3 to 31.6 –

a 60% improvement;

The average risk factor score for four affected tasks in the three companies

was 30.2 before the devices were put into place, and was 29.7 afterward -

a 2%improvement.


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