M-Series Owners Get Upgraded!

Posted by Contributing Editor on Fri, Aug 02, 2013

L P International l Inc. the manufacturer of PowerMate® is excited to reveal a new alternative to its valued M-Series customers – A “Stripped Down” PowerMate M-1or PowerMate M-2B.

If you are currently a PowerMate M-Series machine owner you probably already know about the options of replacing, servicing or re-certifying your current M-Series PowerMate. To show our appreciation for your business the company is thrilled to offer you an additional option of a stripped down version of your existing machine at an unprecedented price, often less than the investment required to have your current machine re-certified!

Your new upgraded PowerMate would be brand new including the new solid state circuitry, new battery pack and battery box cover and a full one year factory warranty, but without any accessories and some of the standard inclusions you have on your current M-Series PowerMate. It takes substantially less than one hour of your time to easily switch the “accessories” from your existing machine and transfer them to your new PowerMate. Dress it up yourself or upon request, we can do it for you.

If your M-Series PowerMate is “old, tired and sore” and has paid for itself many times over, contact us today to get all the details on how to upgrade your M-Series PowerMate and take advantage of this attractive limited time offer!

LPM-PA049652 PowerMate Stripped CTA 2013/07/25

Click on the picture above to peel back for further details of this offer!

To download a FREE copy of one of our PowerMate manuals, please have your machine serial number(s) ready to ensure you get the correct version.

Once again, thanks to you our valued customer! As always, remember our factory trained service personnel are never more than an e-mail or phone call away 1-800-697-6293.

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