Unique LE-1 Motorized Dolly

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Sep 03, 2013

The PowerMate® model LE-1 Is truly a one-of-kind motorized stair climber. One of the questions we get most frequently asked is: What makes the LE-1 so different and why is it priced more than many of the other PowerMate® models.

The PowerMate® LE-1 Difference

The PowerMate LE-1 was designed specifically for our customers moving loads with a low center of gravity, “bottom heavy loads”. Like other PowerMate® stair climbers the LE-1 provides 3-point break back, goes up and down stairs, on and off most vehicles, maneuverers over curbs and thresholds, and acts as a dock leveler and is a well-balanced dolly. In addition, this unique machine also has the ability to vertical stack up to 40” high! It is a truly a 5 in 1 moving solution with a recommended lifting capacity of 700 pounds or 318 kilos

Having two drive screws on the LE-1 instead of one has a unique set of advantages:

  1. Allows the operator to do everything they can do with other PowerMate® machines and can “stack” too! Ideal for raising the load to place a load on a hearth, wall mounts, pedestals, table tops…
  2. Provides the operator with the opportunity to balance the load in the center of the dolly frame redistributing the weight and removing it from the operator. This can be done on the “fly” even while climbing or descending stairs with just a push of a button. Using the principle of changing the fulcrum, not unlike the same principle found on a teeter-totter, the operator can adjust the weight of the load to the middle of the dolly frame, over the wheels. This innovative value-added feature makes it possible for just about anyone to move a load safely and easily by themselves regardless of size or physical strength.
  3. Highly maneuverable in tight spaces like in customers’ homes. Unlike a machine with a fixed toe plate, the LE-1 can raise the toe plate and the load up out of the way to decrease the footprint and help make negotiating the tightest residential landings a breeze!


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PowerMate® Pricing:

PowerMate®  motorized stair climbing solutions are not built on the premise of “good, better, best.” PowerMate® machine models and accessories have been develop and designed for specific applications (loads moved) and your business objectives in mind.

Customers purchasing the LE-1 are typically moving loads like photo copiers, SEER rated A/C units, heat pumps, water heaters, motors, batteries, safes, barrels, table top vending & gaming machines, appliances, wood & pellet stoves... Often customers without typical bottom heavy loads purchase the LE-1 in place of an L-1 or M-1 for the simple reason it makes moving just about any load much, much easier!

PowerMate® pricing reflects the cost to produce any given piece of equipment. For example, the LE-1 is double the machine of our model for L-1. The LE-1 has double the battery pack, a second extruded aluminum frame and two motors & drive screws. In addition, the LE-1 comes complete with two strap bars (not one), hand operated wheel brakes which are two options available for an additional fee on our other models. These important differences increase manufacturing costs however, offer substantially more value and functionality at a resulting higher price point. Remember, like all new PowerMate ® stair climbers, the LE-1 comes complete with premium batteries, battery charger, solid state circuitry and factory warranty!

We invite you to check out one of the NEW Industries Pages to learn more about matching your PowerMate® solution to your load.  

Have more questions? Contact a PowerMate® Solution Specialists today to help you determine the right solution for your specific load moving requirements. L P International Inc.’s more than 30 years’ experience will ensure you have the best machine and accessories to increase your usage, return on investment, safety and achieve your specific business goals!

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