Giving a Lift to the Window Industry

Posted by Contributing Editor on Wed, Dec 31, 2014







We are excited to announce that the PowerMate Stair Climber can now add the window industry to its large array of applications.

This is a first for the PowerMate! Our sales representative for Alberta, Mr. Bruce Gowling, recently sold the LE-1 Stacker/Stair Climber to River Calgary Condominiums, located in
Alberta, Canada. A company that installs floor-to-ceiling
windows, that weigh approximately 400-450 pounds.

Before this purchase of the PowerMate, the windows would take at least five people to carry and place into position. Now, it only takes two people with the PowerMate doing most of the work, and the added assurance that the windows are being moved safely, not only for the people carrying them but also that the risk of damage to the windows is greatly reduced.
Therefore, the 8 million dollar project can stay on budget,
saving on money, time and reduction of possible costly

Our PowerMate is used by thousands of companies world-wide to safely and efficiently move heavy and awkward loads, in just about every industry imaginable, including our newest member...the window industry!



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