Moving Heavy Loads On & Off Vehicles - "Hand Truck Tips and Tricks"

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Aug 05, 2014

For more than 35 years, L P International Inc., the manufacturer of PowerMate®, has worked with their customers providing custom safety lifting solutions for moving loads up to 1 500lb or 680kg. Over the years they have developed many different value-added solutions and discovered even more ways to make moving heavy loads safer, easier, and more efficient; some may even say, "Magical!" 

The PowerMate® Hook Box Can Make Moving Safe and Simple!


Another value-added accessory PowerMate® has created as the result of working with their customers is the PowerMate® Hook Box Part #400090.

This small and often over-looked value-added accessory was created to assist customers moving heavy items, such as larger white goods, safes, vending machines, boilers, commercial water heaters, etc., by securing the PowerMate® M-Series Stairclimber and load to the bed of the delivery or service vehicle. Customers using the Hook Box tell PowerMate® they do now know how they did without it!

Deploy the hook bar (the bottom part of the retractable dolly attachment - found on all M-Series PowerMate® machines) and turn the "hook" up to a 90º angle as illustrated in the image above, then slide the hook bar into the hook. Now the PowerMate® and load are safely locked in place; giving the operator the assurance the load is not going anywhere but safely onto or off of the vehicle!

The Hook Box is an ideal solution for any vehicle the PowerMate® can climb into and out of. To remove the hook bar from the hook, simply release the hook and move the PowerMate® towards you (the operator) until the bar is free. With the machine in a balanced position, return the hook bar to the locked position on the PowerMate dolly and the operator can be safely on their way. It is that simple!

Sample Installation (above) in the bed of a pick-up truck.

In most cases, the installation of the Hook Box into a vehicle can be completed by your regular automotive mechanic in approximately 30 minutes. Many mechanically inclined PowerMate® customers have even installed their own Hook Boxes utilizing the detailed and easy to follow instructions provided with this accessory and documented in your M-Series Operating Manual. If you have any questions about the installation of your Hook Box, or where you can get it installed locally, contact PowerMate® or your local PowerMate® Partner.

With the Hook Box retailing for less than the price of dinner and a movie, many PowerMate® customers with multiple vehicles often have a Hook Box installed in each of them; preparing themselves to move safely and efficiently on and off any vehicle in their fleet.

Remember to include your PowerMate® Hook Boxes in your new machine order or you can have them shipped to you via overnight courier today!

Interested in learning more tips and tricks? Check back to the PowerMate Blog for the next post on the topic, or better yet, contact your local PowerMate Partner to schedule on-site operator training for you and your people. Take advantage of more than 35 years of safety lifting experience and learn all the tips and tricks from a qualified PowerMate® factory trained team member!

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