How to make more with less in the HVAC industry

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Mon, Feb 01, 2010

How to make more with less is something we'd all like to be able to do, especially when it comes to money or profits.  In the case of safety moving equipment this is very easy to do. The PowerMate® stair climbing hand truck is a safety moving and lifting device that is designed to allow the operator to move and lift heavy loads safety and easily. In the HVAC industry where moving commercial or residential hot water tanks, AC units or boilers is the name of the game, a PowerMate® motorized hand truck gives you the option to do more installs with the same amount of people. A PowerMate does 100% of the lifting and reduces the effort on the part of the operator by 87% according to a recent independent study. More installs per day means more profit. More with less.

Continuing with the theme, another way a PowerMate® contributes to the more with less idea is in the area of reduced jobsite injuries. Using a PowerMate® has been proven to reduce injuries in the HVAC, plumbing, elevator repair, appliance, vending and property management industries. Jobsite injuries are VERY costly; an employer can expect to shell out over $29,000 in direct and indirect costs as a result of ONE lost-time injury! The Department of Labor Statistics doesn't lie (and neither do we), so with a PowerMate® you can move more product and suffer fewer injuries. More with less.

You can also expect greater customer loyalty (and referrals) and less property and product damage. With a PowerMate® your customers will see only the most professional approach to product installation, whether it's large AC units, gun safes, geothermal furnaces or commercial hot water tanks, the impression is one of a company that cares about the product being moved and the property it's being moved through! Damage claims to product or your customer's property can cost you money. How many times have you had to pay for damaged door jams, broken or damaged steps or scraped walls? With a PowerMate® the load is in control at all times. More customer referrals, less property and product damage more repeat business, more profit for you. More with less.

There is a greater range in workforce selection and less reliance on strong young backs with a PowerMate® as you are less limited by the type of operator you can hire for installs. With proper training just about anyone can move sizable loads up and down stairs and on and off trucks. Women and older workers are able to handle the equipment with ease. This can be helpful in the hiring process, employment equity standards and customer perceptions. Seniors sometimes feel more at ease when dealing with women than large burly men with tattoos and a three day growth - of course your business professionalism dictates that your installers are always well kept and presentable, but still. More options in your hiring process and less reliance on pure muscle can work in your favor. More with less.

So more with less is possible when it comes to money and profits, more profit, more installs, more customer loyalty and greater range in the hiring process can all be yours with the purchase of a PowerMate® motorized stair climber. You can leave behind jobsite injuries, product and property damage and big bury men with tattoos and a three day growth - unless you like big bury men with tattoos (and who doesn't!) but consider, your PowerMate® may be the single best equipment investment you ever make. Even if a PowerMate® only did one thing; prevent injuries, it would still be a good investment. See all the PowerMate® motorized stair climbers at