Top ten reasons why PowerMate customers buy operator training.

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Tue, Jun 15, 2010

  • 1. Safety: Using a PowerMate is the safest way to move boilers, hot water tanks, geothermal units, vending machines, safes, ATM machines, VLT machines and countless other awkward and heavy loads up stairs and on and off trucks. Factory authorized training ensures that the operator understands the capabilities of the machine under various real world conditions.
  • 2. Efficiency: A PowerMate can save time over other forms of moving, like using block and tackle for moving elevator motors for example. Understanding how best to secure the load on your PowerMate can reduce the amount of effort on the part of the operator by ensuring the load is in a neutral balanced position making it easier to operate the unit on stairs.
  • 3. Proper use of the Wheel brakes: The wheel brakes on the M-Series PowerMate are engaged manually. Knowing when to use the brakes can make the difference in terms of safety but also in terms for efficiency. The Wheel brakes broaden the contact with the ground (or stair) and actually add leverage during a move. Training helps operators use the wheel brakes to their advantage. The Wheel brakes on the LE-1 model stair climber are hand operated and training will provide valuable information on when and why you should use them for the safe operation of the machine.
  • 4. Eliminating damage to property: A PowerMate provides the ability to be in complete control of your load at all time, reducing the risk of damage to property or your client's cargo. Training provides operators with tips and techniques on negotiating tight landings, broken stairs or uneven ground.
  • 5. Tips and Tricks: Learn what we have learned based on 30+ years of experience in safety moving systems. How do you easily spin a 750 lb. load on its vertical axis? Training will show you how.
  • 6. Get the most from your machine: The PowerMate LE-1 is a motorized stair climber and a stacker machine. There are two drive screws, one for the wheels and another for the toe plate. This machine is very versatile in that it can ‘front load' or stack product on to a raised surface, like a hearth for example. Training will help operators get the most out of this unique and powerful machine.
  • 7. Compliance: Ensure your operators feel confident with the equipment and they will be more likely to use it. This will save you money in time, labor and injuries. You might also make more money by freeing up labor to work on other jobs!
  • 8. Profit: A PowerMate projects an image of professionalism and is a value added feature of your service because you are actively working to reduce property damage as well as reduce the time required to install. Well trained operators who know and understand this fact are your ticket to more referrals!
  • 9. Insurance premiums: The use of a PowerMate has proven to reduce job site injuries, injury claims, property damage and damage to your client's product. Add to that PowerMate training and you have a winning combination to negotiate for lower insurance premiums.
  • 10. Reduced maintenance costs: Our training programs provide tips on how to keep your machine running in tip-top shape for trouble free operation for years to come. This will save you yet more money over the long haul.

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