A Good Ergonomic Strategy Means More Profit for Your Business

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

The value of ergonomics goes beyond health and safety. A good ergonomics strategy can add value to a company’s business strategy and ultimately contribute to your business goals of higher profits. An ergonomics strategy can effect profit drivers like cost minimization, productivity, quality, delivery reliability, responsiveness to customer demands and flexibility.

The evidence for a good ergonomics strategy is abundant in countless studies in North America and Europe that clearly illustrate the connection between profitability and healthy working conditions. Larger organizations take ergonomics seriously and have now been at this game long enough to know where to look for ‘bottom line’ benefits. The trick to making ergonomics work for your business is to start thinking of ergonomics as a business strategy that can contribute to business performance. One aspect of ergonomics that enhances efficiency is mechanization. What aspects of your business can be reduced, eliminated or modified to reduce or eliminate unhealthy or hazardous tasks? By removing hazard in the workplace (or substantially reducing it) you increase labor productivity, lower costs associated with injury and increase your profit.

A PowerMate, our focus and area of expertise is power assisted movement of heavy goods – the very solution PowerMate stair climbers and LiftGates were designed to solve.

At PowerMate we can help your business realize tangible business benefits through improved ergonomics and the mechanization of the movement of heavy goods. Our Solution Specialists can analyze current practices and costs and make recommendations that result in cost savings and improvements in productivity. Register for a profit analysis and a Solution Specialist will contact you at your convenience to get the process going. For more information on PowerMate® and our products call us at 1-800-697-6283 or visit our website at www.PowerMate.info

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