Absolutely Brilliant!

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Wed, Sep 22, 2010

In much of the European Union laws have been enacted that require companies to conduct risk assessments for material handling and to implement mechanical alternatives to lifting a weight that could jeopardize their employee’s heath – this includes injury due to lifting strain.

Guy Goring, Managing Director of Everhot Cookers aims for maximum safety and professionalism with site deliveries and installations. The English company manufactures and delivers upwards of 300 range-style cookers (heavy stoves) a year – each weighing up to 550 lbs.

The law says such tasks have to be the subject of appropriate risk assessments and implemented through best practice – common sense says you do it professionally in a manner that, as far as possible, eliminates the handling risks.

One thing is certain – the days of manual heave and shove are over which is why Guy mechanized loading, unloading and installation using PowerMate stair climbers. Do they work? “Absolutely brilliant!” he says and has backed up his comment with his acquisition of a total of five PowerMates since 1997.

“Frankly, I don’t know what we would have done without PowerMate”, he says. “They not only take out the risk to personnel they minimize the possibility of costly damage to product and customers’ premises into the bargain. They’re light enough to travel with the delivery van and so versatile they handle the heavy work throughout the distribution and installation cycle” Deliveries which would have required two or three people can be accomplished using one with a PowerMate®.

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