PowerMate - the only stair climber approved for UK Underground

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Wed, Sep 22, 2010

PowerMate is the only powered stair climbing hand truck approved for use on the London Underground.

Having met the extremely stringent health and safety requirements, PowerMate is now being used by a number of approved contractors handling varying types of loads within the London underground. In these applications PowerMate is required to cope with step heights which can exceed 8”. Most other stair climbers have a fixed height movement which can cause the load to be held at an extreme, possible unsafe angle. With PowerMate the wheels are safely balanced on each tread. A further unique PowerMate benefit is the ‘break back’ characteristic which requires much less physical effort to pull the machine and its load into an operational position for stair climbing.

The PowerMate acceptance and acquisition by the London Underground illustrates that even the most traditional of companies (London underground dates back to 1863) are prepared to invest in modern safety handling equipment.

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