Electric Dolly Provides Relief for Technicians

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Thu, Feb 03, 2011

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If you have been reading the articles in this blog you may already be familiar with some of the reasons for using a PowerMate®. Labor savings and safety are two big reasons customers agree are important. But did you also know that there are less tangible benefits to using a PowerMate stair climber for residential and commercial deliveries? Your technicians, the ones most likely to be using the machines on a regular basis, will thank you for making their job easier and safer.

The fact that you also bought the machine to improve your bottom line is incidental to them. From the technician’s perspective they will notice right away the difference in the physical effort required to move product in and out of buildings. They will be less tired at the end of the day, less prone to injury, less likely to make errors due to fatigue, more likely to show up for work without muscle aches and generally enjoy their job more knowing they have this powerful tool to back them up day after day.

This may seem like a small advantage to the business owner but it’s a big thing to the tech. Better quality time spent with their families is valuable and knowing you care enough about their welfare to purchase a powered lifting device enhances your desirability as an employer. They will be more likely to ‘go the extra mile’ when required, like performing more installs per week for example!

Remember, these are the faces your clients see every day. How your technicians feel about your company is evident in their attitude. A positive attitude reflects well on your business with more referrals for the asking as a result.

It is important that business owners understand all the potential benefits to integrating a PowerMate into your operations. You want to get the maximum benefit from your investment. There are tangible benefits (fewer people required to move product, reduced risk of injury, more efficient deliveries, etc.) and intangible benefits (your people will thank you).

To get the maximum benefit from the intangibles you need to actively promote these benefits to your staff. Let them know you have their welfare in mind and the purchase of a PowerMate is just one example of that sentiment.

For more information on the benefits of owning and using a PowerMate stair climbing hand truck contact a PowerMate® Solution Specialist today at 1-800-697-6283 or request a call back HERE.

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