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Posted by Contributing Editor on Sat, Sep 08, 2012

PowerMate LE-1 on StairsDelivery drivers, installation technicians and repairman of every stripe are constantly required to transport heavy, cumbersome parts and tools into areas only accessible by a flight of stairs. With standard hand trucks, the possibility of strained backs, pulled muscles or even serious injuries are ever present. In many instances, the equipment itself is damaged in some manner. The PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing Hand Truck offers a revolutionary new way to safely and affordably deal with these situations.


Available with various carrying capacities from 200-1500 lbs., all PowerMate models are powered by a twelve volt, rechargeable battery system. One unit in particular can climb the stairs of a twenty story building with a 500 lb. load and then lower another load on the way down. The units are sturdy, durable and easy to operate. They are ideal for use in older buildings with no elevator service, retail locations that have internal stairways not accessible from the common elevators and most residential homes.


These powered hand trucks are also extremely versatile. In addition to being a powered stair climber, they can function as a loading dock leveler or a powered tailgate lifter. In crisis situations, a smaller truck equipped with a PowerMate hand truck can be quickly and affordably dispatched to remedy a customer crisis.

The PowerMate series of hand trucks can also be used outdoors. It easily rolls up steep inclines and can navigate everything from wooden deck stairs to stone terraces. In addition, an extensive line of accessories can securely move everything from barrels and hot water heaters to copiers and arcade games.


The PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing Hand Truck also saves time and money. Imagine your technicians never having to manhandle a hot water heater or furnace into a basement or a delivery team never fumbling with an awkwardly shaped box. It’s simple. If the appliance or delivery will fit on the stairs and through the door, PowerMate motorized hand trucks can speed the delivery portion of the job. Less time on site means more dollars on your company’s bottom line.

 PowerMate Hand Trucks

No delivery business should be without this versatile tool. It can be used in a wide variety of circumstances to haul a diverse range of items. It saves time, money and reduces the risk of equipment damage and, more importantly, employee injuries.

Request information and Get One Today... until then don't lift anything.

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