Moving boilers, a thankless job

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Thu, Feb 18, 2010

Today's post asks the question, Isn't there a better way to move residential boilers in and out of the basement other than by the sweat of my brow?" As luck would have it there is such a solution. The PowerMate motorized stairclimbing handtruck has been designed specifically to move heavy objects up and down stairs. A motorized stairclimber is an electrically powered dolly or hand truck that has one, or sometimes two drive screws that move the wheels of the dolly up or down the frame. This feature allows the operator to easily break the load back and rest it in a balanced position. What's more, the movable wheels are the key to the PowerMates ability to ‘walk' heavy loads up and down stairs and even on and off trucks.

The advantages of a system like this is that boiler installers can use the lifting power of PowerMate to carry the load for them, protecting not only themselves from injury but also property as the load is always in a balanced position and in control at all times.

Another advantage of this type of safety moving system is that, as an installer, you have greater flexibility in assigning labor resources. A motorized hand truck, like the PowerMate shown at left, does all the heavy lifting for you, which means you don't need anywhere near the physical strength required to move boilers without motorized assistance. No pulleys or rigging required and loads can be maneuvered into place by one person (with training of course, again we are taking about safety here). So if it took three or four strong backs to move a 600 lbs. boiler before, with a PowerMate you can get the move done in a fraction of the time and with fewer people.

L P International recommends that for really heavy loads you should have at least two people on hand for safety when moving up or down stairs. Training is recommended to get the best value from your PowerMate and ensures the safe operation of the unit.

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