PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing HandTrucks

PowerMate M-1 Stair Climber

PowerMate three-dots The PowerMate M-Series stair climbing hand trucks = heavy duty lifting!

The PowerMate M-1 is a heavy duty stair climber with a capacity to move loads up to 1,500 lbs. The M-1 is made from heavy duty steel construction and is ideal for moving heavy loads like safes, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, elevator equipment or any heavy, awkward load.

The PowerMate M-1 Advantage

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The PowerMate M-1 is four machines in one: a powered stair climber; a powered tailgate lift; a loading dock leveler and a well-balanced dolly. The following list provides a quick reference to some of the advantages attributed to the PowerMate M-1 stair climber.

  1. Does 100% of the lifting so you don't have to!
  2. A powerful labor saving device that can help reduce costs and contribute to profitability.
  3. Reduces property and product damage by keeping the load under control during the move.
    M-1 is a barrel mover
  4. Contributes to your image of professionalism.
  5. Reduces the physical effort to move heavy loads by 87%.
  6. Contributes to jobsite safety by reducing jobsite injuries and injury claims.
  7. Moves heavy loads with half the labor! Jobs that required two people to move without a PowerMate now take just one! Jobs that previously required four people can now be safely completed with just two in most cases!
  8. Carries the weight on the heavy duty outer frame which reduces the chance of bending or twisting.
  9. Comes complete with a built in 'hook bar lever' that can be used with an installed vehicle hook box to assist with vehicle loading. The Hook Bar also doubles as a leverage bar to assist with maneuvering heavy loads.
  10. Retractable wheels convert the M-1 into a four-wheel dolly which makes flat surface rolling a breeze!
  11. Customizable with a wide array of attachments including the 'Big Wheels' for rough terrain, snow and ice, sand or uneven ground.
    M-1 is very popular with independed contractors
  12. Comes complete with a full length bottom rubber guard that protects all surfaces during moves and also acts as an anti-skid contact.
  13. Has a 12v, 32 AH sealed gel maintenance free battery that is leak proof and will last on average from 4-7 years. Together with our high-efficiency drive screw design the M-1 will move a 500 lb. load up AND down 20 flights of stairs on a single charge!
  14. Backed by the manufacturer! We not only provide stair climbers but also complete moving solutions including superior customer service and training.
  15. Our 1-800 number along with our load moving guidelines are prominently displayed on your PowerMate M-1. Our customer service personnel are always happy to help with on-site support.
  16. High capacity, high quality solid steel stair climber able to handle the most demanding jobs.
  17. Strapbars can be positioned strategically along the frame to secure various size loads.

Your PowerMate in Action

Every consideration was given to make your PowerMate the most ergonomically friendly lifting device on the market. For example, all our operator controls are strategically positioned on the top of the machine between the hand grips. The drive screw brake is always engaged until the operator activates the controls. This safety feature prevents unnecessary load movement.

The wheels on a PowerMate lift up and out of the way reducing the overall footprint of the machine – ideal in a tight spot like narrow stairwells and landings. This feature is also why you are able to break back the load with such relative ease; with the wheels out of the way, the effort to pull the load back onto the wheels is dramatically reduced. Once the machine and load are back onto the wheels, you are now in a well balanced position - with no effort required to keep the load in balance! You can even let go of the machine at this point! A handy feature on stairwells should you have to open a door or even answer your phone. This is impossible with a regular hand truck and is a major advantage in owning a PowerMate.

All PowerMates M-1's are manufactured with solid state controls which reduce the draw on the battery adding to your daily operational battery life. Another advantage of solid state controls (unique in the industry) is the "soft start" feature. This further increases safety by reducing sudden movements during start up and results in the smoother operation of the machine. The new controls also make servicing and maintenance as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!PowerMate M-1 Horizontal

With the addition of the horizontal support brackets, the M-1 model can be lowered into a horizontal position. The load can then be easily moved higher up the frame to allow for the addition of a load elevator. This is very handy for positioning heavy, compact loads like electric motors up into a well balanced position prior to the move.

These quality features contribute to the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. To find out how an M-1, M-2B or M-2C will contribute to the safety and profitability of your business speak with a Solution Specialist today. 1-800-697-6283 or leave your contact information and a Solution Specialist will contact you at your convenience.

Remove boilers in one piece!

The PowerMate M-1 is the machine of choice for moving heavy boilers out of residential basements in one piece.

M-1's are well balanced machines

The M-1 is always in a balanced position, even while on stairs. Operators can let go of the machine to open doors or move obstructions - even answer their cell phones! This is impossible with a regular hand truck.

Elevator package

The M-1 Elevator Package includes everything you need to move electric motors, test weights, cable and sheaves. Contact PowerMate for more information on the M-1 elevator package.

Leverage bar

The M-1 comes with a leverage bar to assist with maneuvering loads. The leverage bar also works in conjunction with a 'hook box' that can be installed in the bed of your vehicle or loading dock to assist with load-in.

Tailgate lift

The PowerMate M-1 is a tailgate lift able to raise and lower loads onto your vehicle beds and has a 40" lifting height!

PowerMate charging cage

The PowerMate Docking Station is the ideal place to store and charge your PowerMate overnight. Store your PowerMate accessories and lock your station for security purposes.

PowerMate M-1 Specifications



    • Fully Automatic Braking System
    • Override Clutch
    • Drive Screw Top Guard
    • Rugged Steel Outer Frame Carries Load
    • Machine 24"W x 17"D x 60" High
    • Machine Weight 165 lbs.
    • Heavy Duty Control Switches
    • Two Adjustable Strapbars 26" Length
    • Bar and Plate Felt - Protects Loads
    • Heavy Duty Reinforced 10' Straps
    • Quick Release Safety Locking Cam
    • Super Efficient Drive Screw
    • .65 Kilowatt High Efficiency DC Motor
    • Retractable 2-Wheel Dolly
    • Leverage Bar
    • Sealed Battery 12V 32 AH Maintenance Free and Rechargeable
    • Puncture Proof Wheels 8" Diameter
    • Toeplate 24"W
    • Anti-Skid Protector On Heel Of Machine
    • Lifting Height 40" (101.6 cm)
    • Machine Capacity 1500 lbs. (682 kg)
    • Overload Protection
    • Solid State controller
    • Advanced Electronic Microprocessor

PowerMate M-1 Standard Equipment:
The PowerMate M-1 Stair Climber comes complete with: two strapbars, one hook bar, one 12V sealed long life battery, a battery cover, one two-wheel retractable dolly, and one battery charger with auto shut-off and multi voltage feature.

Full List of M-1 Accessories:

PowerMate M-1 Loading Specifications

Flat Surface Moving
Stair Climbing
Tailgate Lifting

One person
650 lbs. (295 kg.)
450 lbs. (204 kg.)
450 lbs. (204 kg.)

Two people
1,500 lbs. (682 kg.)
1,000 lbs. (454 kg.)
1,000 lbs. (454 kg.)

Above weights are based on qualified operators moving loads that have the weight evenly distributed all along the frame.



M1 with Load evelator
Powered Stair Climber

M1 is a tailgate lift
Powered Tailgate Lift

The M-1 is a loading dock leveller
Dock/Curb Leveler

4-wheel dolly
4-Wheel Dolly


M-1 Controls

The controls on the M-1 are weather protected, sealed switches easily accessible from the hand grips.

Drive screw

The M-1 PowerMate stair climber has a hardened steel, super efficient drive screw. The drive screw is 'right sized' with the 12V, 28 AMP power supply for peak operational efficiency providing long hours of operation between charges.

Solid state technology

The solid state controller and advanced microprocessor further reduces the load on the battery, extending your operational capacity. The microprocessor also provides a 'soft start' feature for smoother operation during start up.

Are you moving large vending machines or high-end appliances? Ask about our PowerMate M-2B stair climber. This machine is similar to the M-1 but with eight extra inches of height, ideal for very tall loads like Sub-Zero appliances.

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Do you sometimes find yourself in a tight spot? Do you work in older housing stock? Add a Step Extension and Pivot Pad to your PowerMate purchase!

The Pivot Pad is made of durable material which allows you to turn your fully loaded PowerMate on a dime.

The Step Extension gives you that 'extra' step that you wish you had when backed into a corner on tight landings. Because the PowerMate stair climber has the ability to 'skip' a step or two, the step extension allows operators maximum flexibility when working on narrow, tight stairwells.

Step Extension and Pivot Pad

The PowerMate M-Series machines are manufactured to high standards for quality and durability. Your PowerMate is one tough machine built to perform in a demanding environment.