PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing HandTrucks

PowerMate Solution Accessories

PowerMate® can meet the challenges of today's industries. Numerous PowerMate® models are available to power lift and move loads anywhere from 0 to 1,500 lbs. PowerMate® Stair Climbing Accessories are available to customize your PowerMate dolly to better suit your needs.

PowerMate Accessories are categorized by Model:

-      L-Series Accessories

-      M-Series Accessories

-      P-Series Accessories

-      Other Accessories


PowerMate Motorized StairClimbers, with its multiple capabilities:

4-wheel dolly, tailgate lift, stacker, stair climber, dock leveler, curb / threshold / platform manipulator

Money saving potential:

Save on: labor, compensation claims, insurance rates, time, medical expenses, costs related to employee time off or rehiring / training

Safety features:

Finger button control, anti-skid protector, puncture proof wheels, optimal load balancing, wheel brakes

And profit building capabilities:

Additional billable revenue, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, referrals, repeat business

PowerMate Motorized StairClimber abilities can be applied to almost any industry segment.

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