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PowerMate Motorized Lift Tables

PowerMate Motorized Lift Tables

PowerMate® Electric Powered LiftTable Model #LT-1

  • Solid State Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Advanced Microprocessor Based Control - Utilizes State-of-the-Art Mosfet Motor Drive Technology
  • Fully Automatic Braking System
  • Override Clutch
  • Extruded Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Lifting Platform: 30"D x 32"W (76cm x 81cm)
  • Lifting Capacity: 500 lbs. / 227 kg
  • Lifting Height: 45" / 114cm
  • Machine Weight: 225 lbs. / 102 kgs
  • Heavy Duty Control Switches
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Strap
  • Quick Release Safety Locking Cam On Strapbar
  • Super Efficient Drive Screw
  • .65 Kilowatt High Efficiency DC Motor
  • Sealed 20Ah Battery Pack
  • Maintenance Free Rechargeable Battery System
  • Puncture Proof 5" (12.7cm) Wheels

Model LT-1 comes complete with a 12V sealed long life battery pack and battery charger.

PowerMate® Electric Powered LiftTable Model # LT-1