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PowerMate pays me back!

I’m writing this letter to share with you a great discovery. I have found a real cost saving tool and I feel this news should be shared throughout the appliance industry and all its dealers. Here is an opportunity to share good news at a time many in this trade are so discouraged and some are leaving. I have put this tool to work for four months and it has paid for itself and it now pays me an estimated $1358.00 every month.

This product and I can do the work of 2-4 people. Wide, side by side refrigerators, ranges and washers are no match for this product’s potential. I can even load product into the back of a 4WD pickup without ramps and no one need lift a thing!

I mentioned it pays me every month; this is the savings in wages that I would have had to pay to a delivery helper. This PowerMate handtruck makes appliance handling a one man show! I recommend this product to anyone who moves appliances. I know one has to be careful about product endorsements but this one is worthy and It will create beneficial results for all parties.

I have customers very impressed with the way it glides their newly purchased appliances in and out of delivery vehicles, over stairs, and how gentle it is on the appliance and their homes. Best of all, the customer didn't have to help! They just watched in awe. It has added great credibility to our business.

Mark Hunter
Hunter’s Maytag Home Appliance Center
Afton, WY
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PowerMate® helps us broaden our reach...

Wanted to take a minute and thank you for getting us set up with our PowerMate Stair Climber, and finding a way to send your trainer to our location to show our guys how to use the stair climber.We already have our first success story, so I thought I’d share.

Back in November we sold two giant water heaters to the Waukesha YMCA and we had to get the old heaters out and then get the new ones into an ancient mechanical room. There were plywood ramps and low hanging pipes to navigate, and we used our old glorified appliance dolly to do it. Took two grown men two hours to get both out and the new heaters in, and both of us were bloodied and exhausted when we finished.

The same YMCA needed to replace two more of the same heaters last month and we used the new PowerMateequipment this time. We were able to wheel the heaters in on a 45 degree angle, negotiate the ramps and the low hanging pipes, and it took one driver with no blood or exhaustion to get it done. From a safety standpoint, it’s already paid for itself, and it’s allowed us to get into a new kind of business that we previously couldn’t service.

Totally happy with your product and after having your trainer show us how to use it correctly, we’re looking forward to all of our future deliveries!

Thanks again,
Justin Reedy
Outside Sales
Ferguson, a Wolseley Company
West Allis, WI
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Well worth the investment

I have used many electric hand trucks also the old planks and rope and found it to be a struggle. My company needed a safer way, so I purchased the LE-1 and on the first job I was able to remove an old stone lined electric water heater by myself with no struggle.

I have used it many times and found it to be well worth the investment.


Derek Lovewell GMR
Bradford, RI


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Thank you L P International Inc.

I would like to take a moment to comment on the PowerMate Model M-1 Stair Climber I purchased from LP International. It is one of the best safe moving stair climbers I have ever used. We used to move safes with a conventional hand truck, safes ranging from 200 lbs to 800 lbs, until I discovered our business needed to operate in a safer and more efficient method. That is when I came across the PowerMate M-1 Stair Climber. This is by far a superior product in our company's safe moving business.

One of the main reasons I purchased the PowerMate M-1 was to be able to move heavy safes up & down stairs with ease. In the past we used to break our backs moving safes into homes and businesses with conventional hand trucks and now our company has made one of the best purchases to our family business to help us grow in the future.

Thanks to LP International Inc. for having knowledgeable techs who also took the time to come to our shop and showed our staff the proper way to climb steps with ease. I would highly recommend the M-1 Stair Climber.

Thank You,
Bryan Chew,
Action Safe & Lock
Bristol, PA

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Greater flexibility with PowerMate

This letter is intended to serve as a testimonial for using your PowerMate hand-trucks. Due to a bad back, one of our service technicians was greatly limited from duties normally performed by our service technicians: PE tank deliveries, discontinued equipment removals, removing equipment we are replacing. It was difficult for him to deal with customers’ steps and getting equipment in and out of the pickup.

Your power hand-truck has reversed much of his limitations. It helps him get our tanks in and out of homes and his truck. In the past I would have to send a second person or send a different person to do the work, but now I have almost as much flexibility with him as I do with others.

We have also used it more than once to help our guys get heavy bring tanks and cabinet-model softeners out of basements.

We looked at a number of different suppliers. The PowerMate we purchased has the greatest flexibility as a single-tool option, plus it is portable to different open-bed trucks.

Jason Karger
Wooster, OH

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Thanks for making me more versatile!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase of the PowerMate L-1 machine. I have had the machine for over two years now and continue to be surprised with the ease of operation and the applications I have found to use it in. As a plumber, my main purpose in purchasing it was to remove old and install new hot water tanks in residential and commercial situations.

I have moved sectional boilers weighing upwards of 400 pounds, 100 gallon water tanks, softeners, brine tanks, commercial expansion tanks, gas appliances, washers, dryers, refrigerators and freezers. Once my clients see the PowerMate in action, they have all kinds of ideas of what I can move for them.

It has made me more versatile for clients, which has translated into additional work. It has saved me time and has probably saved my back from strain and injury.

I would however recommend to any future customers in the plumbing industry, that they should also purchase the “v” attachments for water tanks, and also the extra angle plate at the base, just to make the move of a cylinder object like a tank, more secure on the dolly. I would also recommend the first step extender since many of the homes I work in have landings that are just a little too small to maneuver in, and the extender would make the move go that much easier.

The sales team was great to work with. Their knowledge and willingness to share experience is what convinced me to make the purchase. They have continued to be friendly and supportive in the last two years, and always willing to discuss in detail, any questions I have posed to them.

Initially it was difficult to make the decision to put out the money to purchase the machine, because I am a “one-man” operation. But I definitely have not regretted it once, from my first time using the PowerMate, and the numerous occasions since, that I have found to use it.

Thanks for making me more versatile, not to mention, a lot safer on the job!

Mark Stemmler
Mark’s Mechanical
Calgary, AB

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Other Comments from satisfied customers
  • "Just thought I'd write a quick note. Our company has owned different hand trucks before, but few of them ever seemed to last long. Not so with our PowerMate. We purchased a pair of your stairclimbers over 4 years ago now. We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are."
  • "I've saved more than half of the price of the PowerMate stairclimbing machine in the first month. It climbs stairs with ease. I love it!"
  • "Our new PowerMate electric hand truck has saved us lots of time. We move heavy items in our warehouse a lot quicker than we used to. I highly recommend this product."
  • "With my back the way it is, lifting has always been a problem. Now my back and vending machines say thank you for making PowerMate available. It lifts with ease. Oh .. and climbing stairs is easy too."
  • "Since I purchased my PowerMate stairclimber, I realized how much easier and safer it is for me to lift and move safes. If someone moves safes or lifts heavy objects, then they should have an electric dolly. Buying a PowerMate has been a smart move."
  • "My customers are so impressed with our professionalism, they follow me all the way to my delivery truck. PowerMate .. you're the best!"
  • "My delivery men are happy using PowerMate. They tell me they'll never go back to lifting vending machines with a basic dolly again."
  • "We used to send four men to move these vending machines but now with the PowerMate we have cut our labour cost in half. And it's much safer for the men as no one has to be under the load on the stairs. We were always afraid that the load could get away from the top two guys and the bottom two could be crushed. Now with PowerMate we don't have to worry anymore. You could say it has taken a load off of our minds."


These people all agree, PowerMate® motorized electric stairclimbing
HandTrucks are the right choice for moving heavy loads.
Be smart, purchase one today!

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