What's the best stair climbing hand truck for moving appliances?

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Tue, Dec 14, 2010

Moving and installing built-in appliances is problematic for a number of reasons. By their very nature built-ins are designed for a residential installation and yet are often commercial-sized appliances. Built-in fridges and stoves are high value items that often have much of their delicate components exposed. Built-in fridges are heavier than standard fridges and taller as well. The risk of damaging either the product or the customer’s property is higher when moving a built-in appliance; it is heavier and more awkward to move and there is usually less clearance.  All this makes the job for the installer much harder than moving a standard white good.

Damage to either the product or customer’s property can be an expensive proposition. Many customers of built-in appliances live in executive homes with specialty trim, exotic hardwood floors or custom inlaid stone flooring (yikes!). You do not want to be in a position of negotiating with a customer on the value in repairs for the damaged, custom-built stained glass entryway.

Also, if you are not using a powered lifting device you run the risk of sustaining injury should you encounter stairs and the product has to be lifted by hand — and what home doesn’t have some stairs? Your safest option, and one that minimizes your exposure to the risk of injury and damage, is to use a well respected and proven powered lifting device. The advantages are threefold: reduced risk of injury due to lifting strain; better control during the move and hence reduced risk of damage; and reduced labor costs. This last point is a good one because it directly affects your profitability per install. If you regularly send two or three guys on an install, you can now send two or even just one person. This adds to your bottom line and provides additional flexibility in terms of how many installs you can accomplish in a given period of time with the same number of installers.

The PowerMate M-2B stair climbing hand truck is ideally suited for moving built-in appliances. The M-2B is taller than standard powered stair climbers and is ideal for moving tall built-in fridges. The machine also has a retractable dolly for flat surface rolling, a full bottom rubber guard, a long-life rechargeable battery, a 1500 lb. capacity, and a 40” lift for loading your vehicles. The unique design means the load is always in perfect balance with no strain on the operator. The operator can even let go of the machine while in the balanced position without fear that the machine will tip or fall over — even while on stairs!

Best of all, the load is always in control and the operator can move the product right to the point of install without worrying about damaging the Brazilian tropical hardwood inlay.

Details can be found here on the PowerMate M-2B stair climbing hand truck.

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