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NEW Powered Stair Climbing Carts for INDIA!

Posted by Contributing Editor on Fri, Dec 05, 2014

Late in August, the PowerMate® team had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Rajan Kandoi and his long-time friend and associate Mr. Ajit Karnavat. This meeting was in response to their request to become the PowerMate® Distributor Partner for the country of India. The meetings were a complete success!

We were very pleased to have the two gentlemen here at L P International Inc. to learn more about them, their business plans, and culture. As hosts, we were pleased and honoured to share our vision for PowerMate® and a little bit of Canada in the process too! We believe it was a valuable learning experience and provided a solid foundation for both parties to work towards moving forward - together.

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 It became obvious to us that they had "done their homework" and sharing the same core business values, would make the ideal business partner in bringing the PowerMate® brand to India.

 Map of India

To put the staggering potential of India into perspective, the population of India is 1.2 billion people. The City of Mumbai alone (32 million people), has almost the same population as the entire country of Canada (35 million people)!

 Map of Canada

The State of Maharashtra, which their city of Pune is located in, has a population of 114 million people, encompassing an area approximately the same size of Labrador (highlighted in red, right image)!

Already a successful and reputable businessman in India, Mr. Kandoi believes that as recently as 10 years ago introducing an innovative product like PowerMate® may not have been possible. He cited the following emerging trends in India that suggest to him the time is now right for PowerMate® in India:

  1. Responsible business. Safety has and is always important to the large number of multi-national corporations located in the country. Larger corporations place a high priority on their employees well-being and view safety as a “quality of life” issue.

  2. Like many other countries around the world, the trend of younger people opting for higher education and fewer people wanting to do physical work is starting in India.

  3. There is a trend in India to actively seek out opportunities for technological solutions and innovation to age old issues with an emphasis on safety, efficiency, profitability and growing sustainable business.

  4. The Government lead political and economic direction is providing stability over the past 5+ years with the leadership of Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Kandoi is highly optimistic this will continue and even improve over the coming years.

In summary, Mr. Kandoi sees that the time and market conditions in India are right for the introduction of PowerMate® stair climbing hand carts and safety lifting devices and we agree!


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 MotoStair LLP

There is much work ahead of us and the team at MotoStair LLP, the newly formed company that they will market PowerMate® under in the coming months. One of the greatest challenges Mr. Kandoi identified is; managing change.

Introducing new safety lifting technology that is different than how moving goods has been done for centuries and centuries will not be without its challenges. We have every confidence that Mr. Kandoi and his team at MotoStair LLP are the right people to successfully manage this change and build a highly successful PowerMate® Brand in India.

Their first shipment of PowerMate® equipment has arrived in Pune. He and his team are excited to share this new technology with businesses throughout the entire country of India as our newest PowerMate® Distributor Partner! In addition to the sale of PowerMate® solutions, the team will offer service and operator training to their customers in the country.


Why not contact MotoStair to schedule your PowerMate® demonstration today?

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For those in India that would like to represent PowerMate® in India, we invite you to contact MotoStair LLP. Over the coming months they have aggressive plans to build a comprehensive PowerMate® Dealer/Re-Seller network throughout the country!

Welcome to the L P International Inc. family MotoStair LLP - PowerMate® India!

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Paul Gazik

Business Development,

PowerMate® – L P International Inc.

Ph: 1-519-759-3292 ext. 103

e-mail: pfg@PowerMate.info

URL: www.powermate.info

Mr. Rajan Kandoi and Mr. Ammol Kandoi


MotoStair LLP

Ph:  020-27032826/27

e-mail: motostair@gmail.com

URL: www.motostair.com

Contact your India Distributor 

About L P International Inc. :

L P International Inc. manufactures the PowerMate® brand of stair climbing hand trucks, tail gate lifts (LiftGates), and value-added accessories including; product built to CE Standards, when requested. L P International Inc. has been in business under the same ownership since 1976, manufacturing and selling thousands of PowerMate® Safety Moving Systems worldwide. The company is headquartered in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. It has achieved an excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality products as well as providing superior operator training and customer service. For more information please visit: www.PowerMate.info

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STANLEY HANDLING – U.K. (PowerMate Partner Since: 1988)

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Apr 07, 2014

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Stanley Handling is our first, most successful, and longest standing International Partner going back to 1988! Mr. Robert Stanley and his team have literally sold thousands of PowerMate® machines throughout the U.K.! The Teams dedication, commitment, and belief in the PowerMate® Brand has always remained a constant!

Established in 1948, Stanley is one of the UK's leading independent materials handling specialists.

Stanley offers a wide range of products to suit many applications and budgets including: the ROBUR range of standard, specialist and bespoke pedestrian trucks, Tool Handlers, Die Handlers, Inspection Mould Handling Machines, Plane Handlers, Tugs, Paper Reel Handlers and Carpet Reel Handlers. They also supply the complete PowerMate® powered stair climber range and a 500-page mail order catalogue.

Their strong technical expertise is supported by an extensive service department with full workshop facilities for maintenance and overhauls combined with a dedicated training school offering a variety of health & safety and handling & FT courses. Stanley Handling is the place to go for quality sales, service and training - all completed by experienced PowerMate® authorized personnel!

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Paul Gazik
Business Development,
PowerMate® - L P International Inc.
Ph: 1-519-759-3292 ext. 103
E-mail: pfg@powermate.info
URL: www.powermate.info

Mr. Robert Stanley
Stanley Handling Ltd.
Ph: 01582 767711
E-mail: sales@stanleyhandling.co.uk
URL: www.stanleyhandling.co.uk

Contact UK Distributor

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What kind of return can you expect from your PowerMate®?

Posted by Carl Nattrass on Fri, Oct 15, 2010

With over 30 years of experience selling PowerMate® Stair Climbing Hand Trucks to clients all over the world and in  over a dozen industries we have a pretty good idea what kind of savings and revenue opportunities you can expect when using a PowerMate®. This basic calculation will give you an idea of what to look for in return for items like labor savings, injury prevention, referrals, reduced property damage and increased efficiency. For more information about PowerMate® products and services go to www.powermate.info

The greatest potential for labor savings derives from the fact that a PowerMate® stair climber reduces the effort to move heavy loads by over 87%.( A PowerMate does 100% of the lifting but there is still some effort in moving the load). This means that what might normally be a two or even three person job can easily be handled by one less person (or even two). Loads requiring four men for example may be safely handled by two with a PowerMate. This can affect your business in two important ways. The first is the direct labor savings resulting from a more efficient use of human resources or a lower cost per install. The other is the ability to re-allocate personnel to do more installs.

The ability to do more installs depends upon the demand for your services but with a PowerMate® you have the advantage of presenting a ‘white glove treatment' image to your clients which will result in more referrals. With a PowerMate you are always in control of the load as the machine does 100% of the lifting. There is no strain on the operator and with proper training there will always be a reduced frequency of damage to client doorways, stairs, thresholds, patios, floors and furniture. More referrals of course means more business for you and isn't it great that you have a new PowerMate® to do them with!

PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing HandTrucks do 100% of the lifting virtually eliminating the risk of back injury. Using the push buttons on the hand grips, the operator has safe control of the load at all times. Savings from injury prevention are significant: Lost productivity, injury claims, lower company moral as well as a host of other direct and indirect costs have been estimated by the U.S Department of Labor Statistics to be $29,000 per lost-time injury for the employer.

If you are moving heavy loads you want to reduce your risk and exposure to injury. If you are an owner / operator, you have the best reason for buying a Powermate - injury prevention! How much money would you give up if you were unable to work for six months or even six weeks? Where would your clients go if you were unavailable?

Your ability to attract and retain valuable employees regardless of gender, age and physical strength increase employee morale, motivating your workforce and enhancing further the attractiveness of your business as an employer of choice. Your workers are less physically stressed and less at risk of repetitive strain injuries. They go home less tired and are better rested the next day, more focused and able to deal with what may.

If you are unfortunate in that you have a worker who becomes injured - just for the sake of argument let's say the injury took place playing baseball - you will be able to get the worker back on the job sooner on modified duties using a PowerMate!

With a PowerMate you will have less dropped call and missed opportunities and be better able to deal with peak season periods more efficiently. You can avoid the cost of installing a tailgate lift ($3,500 - $7,500 expense per vehicle) as well as the wasted expense of an idle vehicle due to an injury.

PowerMate = Labor Savings + Increased Margins + Safer Deliveries = Higher Profits

There are ROI calculators that we use at PowerMate to estimate expected savings and returns and we are only too happy to work through them with you. Call us at 1-800-697-6283 for a free business analysis or leave your name and number here and we'll contact you at a time of your convenience.


Current process:
Labor calculation
10 moves per month.
3 people per move.
4 hours per install
$20 per hour wages
$60 per hour total wages

$90 per hour billable to client
$30 net billable per hour
$120 per job margin
$1,200 net revenue/month
$14,400 net revenue per year

powermate spacer
PowerMate process:
Labor calculation
10 moves per month.
2 people per move.
4 hours per install
$20 per hours wages
$40 per hour total wages
$90 per hour billable to client
$50 net billable per hour
$200 per job margin
$2,000 net revenue/month

$24,000 net revenue per year

Savings & Injury Prevention
1 lost-time injury prevented
$29,000* average cost to employer in direct and indirect costs associated with ONE lost-time injury (ouch!)
*Source: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.


PowerMate Advantage:
Total Labor Savings
4 man hours per move
40 man hours per month
480 man hours per yearl
$9,600 additional margin/year

MORE if you re-allocate the potential labor resources to service more clients

You could re-allocate the 'extra person' to work on additional jobs realizing more net billable hours.

4 more jobs per month
4 hours per job
$20 wage rate
$60 per hour client billable
$160 per job margin
$640 net margin/month
$7,680 net revenue/year

Total additional revenue through labor savings and labor re-allocation:
$17,280 /year Add the savings from one lost-time injury prevented from implementing a PowerMate Safety Moving System for a total potential savings and additional revenue of $46,280 /yr.

...and all with ONE PowerMate Stair Climber!


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