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Posted by Lee Jeavons on Wed, Jul 28, 2010


Do you rent equipment to contractors? If so, than take a moment to consider the advantages of renting a motorized hand truck. Most rental places charge a premium to rent a PowerMate because of its’ uniqueness and application specific uses. Many rental companies include a PowerMate rental when they rent other products like concrete polishers, generators, floor sanders, drain cleaners and other heavy loads because a PowerMate can lift loads on and off trucks and up and down stairs.

PowerMate motorized hand trucks are used extensively by HVAC contractors to move hot water heaters, AC units, furnaces, radiators, geothermal heat pumps and boilers for residential and commercial installations because, unlike a regular hand truck, the PowerMate protects the operator from lifting stain. A PowerMate does the grunt work and has the added benefit of saving contractors on labor costs. On average, a contractor can cut labor costs in half when using a PowerMate to move loads to the point of install. These are real, tangible benefits that contractors recognize and will respond to.

There is a high level of awareness among HVAC and plumbing contractors with respect to the PowerMate and what it can do, however many small contractors do not own a PowerMate as they lack the frequency in terms of moves per year. They may only need a PowerMate four or five times a year – which is ideal for a rental opportunity!

PowerMates are high quality machines and are built to last. There are three models that are ideal for rental; the PowerMate L-1 with a 650 lb. lifting capacity – ideal as a general purpose powered lifting dolly; the M-1 heavy lifting hand truck with a 1,500 lb. lifting capacity which is ideal for plumbers, HVAC-R and geothermal contractors; and the M-2B (a taller version of the M-1), the mover of choice for large built-in appliances and vending machines. PowerMate also offers certified training courses so that your sales staff can be confident they are providing proper instruction on the safe operation of the machines.

All units are fully functioning hand trucks that just happen to be powered. Any client that intends to rent a hand truck might consider a PowerMate if the load weight is over 200 lbs. and they are concerned about injury or having enough labor on hand to help with the move. The M-series machines are made from heavy gauge steel and the L-Series machines from extruded aluminum (no welds to fail). The control buttons are weather protected and the toe plate, where the load sits, has a full length bottom rubber guard to protect floors and stairs.

All PowerMates come with our 1-800 number printed on the front of the machine so that if a client needs assistance while on the job site they can call us, not you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help.

Industries PowerMate serve include: Appliance movers, Furniture movers, Facility and Property Management, Home Medical Equipment, Lock and Gun Safe, Plant Maintenance, HVAC-R, Vending and Gaming, Coin-Op and ATM among others.

For detailed information on each of the products mentioned above, follow the links to:

PowerMate L-1 Stair Climber – one tough general purpose motorized hand truck!

PowerMate M-1 Stair Climber – our heavy duty flagship machine.

PowerMate LE-1 Stair Climber/Stacker – the only stacking stair climber on the market.

PowerMate M-2B Stair Climber for appliance and vending moves.

Other specialty machines: The PowerMate POGO P-2 Stair Climber – the lightweight Stair Climber for moving parcels, salt bags, water bottles, home oxygen vessels, compressed gas cylinders and other loads up to 220 lbs.

Speak to a Solution Specialist today at 1-800-697-6283 and find the best deal on a PowerMate® stair climber for your rental business.

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