PowerMate Norge a/s Distributor cta
Welcome PowerMate Dealer Partner!


L P International Inc. is proud to offer you another tool to assist you in establishing and developing the market potential for the PowerMate brand in your country or region.


This site will provide you with both published and exclusive information all in one central location. With your feedback and working together we can use this site to share and exchange information as our network of PowerMate Partners continues to grow.

We recognize that helping all PowerMate Partners to be successful is key to growing our businesses, ensuring we are working to create a viable, profitable, healthy, and sustainable endeavour.

This is only the beginning of a series of innovations underway with the sole purpose of providing more and better resources to our business partners. With your feedback and by working together, we can use this site to share and exchange information that will ultimately benefit us all!

What kind of information is here?
  • A copy of the current Agreement & Pricing;
  • Machine model information "Sell Sheets": sizes, weight, dimensions, capabilities;
  • Industry and application information by machine model;
  • Benefits of value-added accessories;
  • Machine manuals;
  • Information on specific value-added solutions;
  • Sales tips, advice and success stories;
  • Business case information;
  • Pictures, video, and PowerMate logos and much, much, more!!
How can I use the information?
  • Build or enhance your website;
  • Improve your marketing and sales literature, newsletters, mailings, and social media content;
  • Keep current on all the latest PowerMate news and developments, first;
  • Educate and train your sales and service personnel;
  • Complete your business plans, forecasts, and target customers by industry and application;
  • Increase your profits