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PowerMate Marketing Overview:

- Who we are, what we do, and what we sell. This document highlights what PowerMate can do that others cannot.

PowerMate Machine Models ("Catalogue"):

- Stair Climber & LiftGate - Summary Table
- Aluminum Series Machines and Accessories (L-1, L-2, L-1B, LE-1, LE-2, LE-1D)
- Steel Series Machines and Accessories (M-1, M-2B, M-2C, M-1J)
- "Hybrids" and Accessories (P-1, P-2, LG's, LT-1)

PowerMate Value-Added Accessories and Services Sell Sheets:

- TwinLift
- Docking Station
- Step Extension & Pivot Pad
- Motor Moving Solution
- L & LE Series Retractable Dolly Attachment
- Operator Training


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T20-000.99 - MS Manual English Content
T20-010.99 - LS Manual English Content
T20-030.99 - LE Manual English Content
T20-070.99 - PG Manual English Content
T20-080.99 - LG Manual English Content