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PowerMate - Toll Free: 1-800-697-6283PowerMate - Toll Free: 1-800-697-6283
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PowerMate® Whitepaper Index


Several versions of these documents based on product changes and industries are available for viewing / download.

If you have questions about you PowerMate unit call us Toll Free at: 1-800-697-6283 or and a PowerMate Solution specialist will call you at your convenience.

Whitepaper cover HVACr-us
PowerMate® Whitepaper HVACr-us
  Whitepaper cover HVACr-ca
PowerMate® Whitepaper HVACr-ca

Whitepaper cover Vending
PowerMate® Whitepaper Vending
  Whitepaper cover Appliance
PowerMate® Whitepaper Appliance

Whitepaper cover Lock & Safe
PowerMate® Whitepaper Lock & Safe
  Whitepaper cover HME
PowerMate® Whitepaper HME

Whitepaper cover Institution
PowerMate® Whitepaper Institution
  Whitepaper cover Property
PowerMate® Whitepaper Property

Whitepaper cover Hearth
PowerMate® Whitepaper Hearth
  Whitepaper cover Document Imaging
PowerMate® Whitepaper Document Imaging

Whitepaper cover Water Treatment
PowerMate® Whitepaper Water Treatment
  Whitepaper cover Rental
PowerMate® Whitepaper Rental

Whitepaper cover Geothermal
PowerMate® Whitepaper Geothermal
  Whitepaper cover Water/Gas Meter
PowerMate® Whitepaper Water/Gas Meter

Whitepaper cover LiftGate
PowerMate® Whitepaper LiftGate
  Whitepaper cover Elevator
PowerMate® Whitepaper Elevator

Whitepaper cover Utilities-Power Generation
PowerMate® Whitepaper Utilities-Power Generation
  Whitepaper cover Health & Safety
PowerMate® Whitepaper Health & Safety
Whitepaper cover Commercial Water Heater
PowerMate® Whitepaper Commercial Water Heater
  Whitepaper cover Petroleum - Gas & Oil
PowerMate® Whitepaper Petroleum - Gas & Oil

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The PowerMate® Advantage

  • Superior product design
  • On-going customer care program
  • Operator training programs
  • Machine tracking
  • Accessories for every job
  • Staff with in-depth knowledge of your industry.
  • Unique products like the LE-1 "stacker" stair climber and the LiftGate interior tailgate lift.
  • High return on investment
  • One year limited warranty on all PowerMate stair climbers.
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