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To inquire about Pricing or to place an order, call 1-800-697-6283

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PowerMate POGO's are ideal moving solutions for:

  • Oxygen vessels
  • Parcels
  • Beer kegs
  • Pails of paint
  • Cartons of pop
  • Boxes of paper
  • Bags of salt
  • Floor sanders
  • Boxes of ceramic tiles
  • Gas cylinders
  • Boxes of coins
  • and more...

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POGO moves beer kegs
PowerMate POGO's are ideal for moving beer kegs.

POGO is ideal for the HME market
POGO is ideal for the HME market with the right weight capacity, small profile and flexibility.

PowerMate - Toll Free: 1-800-697-6283PowerMate - Toll Free: 1-800-697-6283
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PowerMate POGO P-1 Hand Truck

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POGO P-1 Light Duty Motorized Hand Truck

The PowerMate POGO P-1 is a light duty motorized hand truck most often used to aid with small parcel deliveries.

The P-1 is the smallest stair climber at just 20" wide. This lightweight machine is actually a regular hand truck with a light duty PowerMate POGO assembly attached. This makes the POGO P-1 our lightest stair climber at just 40 lbs! (18 kg). The P-1 has a max. lifting capacity of 220 lbs., sufficient for most residential or light commercial delivery applications.

The hand truck component can be used like a regular hand truck, but when needed the PowerMate POGO assembly quickly attaches to the hand truck to provide a power lift feature for loading or unloading trucks and vans or negotiating curbs and thresholds.

The POGO P-1 can climb stairs, however the pneumatic tires are best suited for outdoor use. The POGO is used by delivery companies such as office supply houses, beer distributors, couriers, home care oxygen providers, etc., to deliver such things as boxes of paper, cases of floor tiles, salt for water conditioners, coins and parcels, etc.

PowerMate POGO P-1 on delivery

The POGO P-1 comes standard with pneumatic wheels for rough terrain.

PowerMate POGO P-1 Advantages

  1. Size: The P-1 is the lightest and narrowest in its class.

  2. Lifting capacity is 'right sized' for your applications at 220 lbs.

  3. Reduces property and product damage by keeping the load under control during the move.

  4. Detachable PowerMate POGO assembly provides added flexibility for smaller loads.

  5. Pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor applications.

  6. Contributes to your image of professionalism.

  7. The P-1 has the same lifting height at 40" as our full-sized stair climbers!

  8. Contributes to jobsite safety by reducing jobsite injuries and injury claims. For more information on Safety and Profitability go HERE.

  9. The POGO P-1 comes standard with pneumatic tires for rough terrain.

  10. Backed by the manufacturer! We not only provide stair climbers and LiftGates but also complete moving solutions including superior customer service and training.

  11. Our 1-800 number is prominently displayed on your PowerMate. Our customer service personnel are always happy to help with on-site support.

    PowerMate® Model # Pogo P-1

The PowerMate POGO assembly attaches to the hand truck when needed to power heavy loads up and down stairs or on and off trucks. This provides for the option of powered or unpowered assistance.

PowerMate POGO P-1

PowerMate POGO P-1

 P-1 Specifications

  • Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • .65 Kilowatt High Efficiency DC Motor.
  • Fully Automatic Braking System
  • Super-Efficient Ball Screw Drive
  • End Stop Override Clutch
  • Rocker Switch (Up/Down) Operation
  • Pneumatic Wheels, 10" diameter.
  • Powered by Sealed 12V Maintenance Free Rechargeable Battery.
  • Safety Grip Handles.
  • Anti-Slip Heel
  • Solid Steel axle5/8" Diameter.
  • Lifting Height 40" (1016 mm)
  • Overall Weight 40 lbs. (18 KG)
  • Lifting Capacity - 220 lbs.

PowerMate POGO P-1 Standard Equipment
PowerMate POGO P-1 comes equipped with battery pack and battery charger.

Accessories available for P-1
In-vehicle Battery Charger.

PowerMate POGO P-1 Loading Specifications

Maximum capacity
Lifting Height
Overall W x D x H

91 kg
1016 mm
18 kg
507mm x 540mm x 1393mm

220 lbs.
40 inches
40 lbs.
20" x 21" x 55"

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The PowerMate POGO
is our smallest profile stair climber - ideal for small package delivery.

PowerMate POGO P-1

PowerMate POGO P-1

FREE Profit Analysis

Why should you buy a POGO?
For the same reasons you would buy any PowerMate stair climber; to save money on labor costs and cut down on job site injuries.

POGO P-1's are light delivery power assisted hand trucks
PowerMate POGO P-1 on delivery.

POGO provide added flexibility in staffing
The POGO P-1 provides delivery firms added flexibility in staffing choices as the ability to lift heavy objects is now less of a concern.

Full bottom rubber guard
The PowerMate POGO P-1 has a bottom rubber guard on the foot to protect customers' property.






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