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PowerMate - Toll Free: 1-800-697-6283PowerMate - Toll Free: 1-800-697-6283
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Motorized Electric Stairclimbing HandTrucks

PowerMate® Portable TailGate Lift Photo Gallery

PowerMate® Stairclimbing HandTrucks also work as portable tailgate lifts to safely lift heavy loads on and off vehicles. The PowerMate® Interior TailGate Lifts are easily mounted onto the bed of the vehicle and the arm swings out to power lift heavy loads up to 500 lbs. on and off the vehicle. The articulating arm movement will position the load inside the vehicle and it stores inside out of the weather. The PowerMate® TailGate Lift reduces back injuries and saves money.

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Dock and Curb Leveller3
4 Wheel Dolly4
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  TailGate Lifts

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M-1 with tool crib LE-1 with combination wood burner LE-1 with water heater
L-1 with washing machine POGO with large box POGO with motor
LiftGate with copier machine LiftGate with barbecue LiftGate with gas tank
L-1 with furnace LifttGate with gas cylinder LE-1 with safes

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The PowerMate® Advantage

  • Superior product design
  • On-going customer care program
  • Operator training programs
  • Machine tracking
  • Accessories for every job
  • Staff with in-depth knowledge of your industry.
  • Unique products like the LE-1 "stacker" stair climber and the LiftGate interior tailgate lift.
  • High return on investment
  • One year limited warranty on all PowerMate stair climbers.
PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing HandTrucks
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