PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing HandTrucks
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At PowerMate, we are a proud supplier to Moving Companies and Courier Companies throughout North America. If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to complete residential or commercial moves, or grow your logistics business by realizing more specialty contracts, PowerMate can help.
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Our relationships with these groups; manufacturers and distributors of all sizes have made us the market leader. Our successes are testiments in the value our customers in the Moving industry recognize in PowerMate.

Our customers tell us that PowerMate has allowed them to work smarter and safer, not harder! The machine has turned two man deliveries into one man deliveries, saving them time and money. Many of their customers are shocked and inquire "How do you plan to make my delivery alone? Where's the other guy?"... The customers simply watch in amazement!

Whether you are a large or small supplier avoiding injuries means money in your pocket. Even without a claim, Workers Compensation premiums for a three man operation run around $800 per month! Who can afford an injury?

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