PowerMate Motorized Stairclimbing HandTrucks
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In over 30 years of business, PowerMate has already sold to many Vending & Gaming companies in your industry. They have enjoyed having PowerMate on their team so much that they have emailed and written their stories to share with us and with you.

P5261432-(640x480)c working as a powermate team

We know you can accomplish this through cutting labor costs, adding billable revenue, increased efficiency and gains in productivity. We also know that reducing the incidence of injury as well as lowering the risks of product and property damage will also enhance your bottom-line.


Pepsi-Cola General Bottles, Inc.
“We purchased several PowerMate Stairclimbers… They have proven to be effective tools in moving our equipment. They are used daily and our people use them with confidence more than any other we have used… we know these PowerMates will serve us for years to come.”


Atlantic Lottery Corporation
“We have been using the PowerMate power cart in some installations of Video Lottery terminals… This unit has proven to be ideal when used to transport our 250 lb terminals up or down stairs... We have since purchased 4 more of the L-1 power cart…”


H.V.E Incorporated – Vending Machine Specialist
“Purchasing the PowerMate stair crawler was a smart move for our company. Our men have used various types of moving equipment, but this one is quieter smoother and easier to operate… Thank you for recommending this unit to us, it has saved us time and money..”


Scotty Blackkman, Lee Dee Vending / Canteen
“We purchased a Power Mate Stair Climber hand truck from LP International INC in September 2012 and have nothing but great results from this product. We use it daily to Canteen logo carry 12oz and 20oz beverages up 25-30 stairs daily, seven days a week, also use it when needed to install vending machines up stairs to break areas. We have used other brands in the past, they did not hold up like the Power Mate L series. I would recommend this stair climber to anyone looking for a durable reputable piece of Stair Climber equipment.”

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