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L Series (model):

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# 414810

L1 - P2 Big Wheel

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L-1 Dolly Attachment


4 inch

10.16 cm


14½ inch

36.83 cm


25½ inch

64.77 cm

L1 Dolly Attachment Open L1 Dolly Attachment Closed

Designed for flat rolling surfaces, the L-Series Retractable Dolly serves a range of applications:

  • Facility and property managers will appreciate the four-wheel dolly option for moving loads around large buildings with hallways.
  • Plumbing and HVAC professionals will appreciate the added convenience the dolly provides for the movement of water heaters, furnaces and geothermal units.
  • For appliance movers the same great dolly feature previously only available on the M-Series machines is now available for standard white goods and mid-weight loads.

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